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  • Native Arts of North America by Christian F. Feest

The craftsman of the native North American peoples is now regarded as art of a high order, yet not until the early twentieth century did it become the subject of aesthetic discussion. The varied and vital forms of Indian artifacts - from the totem poles of the Northwest Coast to the rock engravings of the Anasazi - create an extraordinary record of native traditions and their subtle interactions with European influence. Classifying surviving works by material and technique, the author covers a huge field - a thousand tribes and about 200 languages. The works described and illustrated are outstanding examples, and range from an Arapaho Ghost Dance dress to Buffalo Meat's self-portrait, from Seminole applique work of the 1890s to a Tlingit spoon carved from mountain goat horn; all of them works of art that testify to a vast field of human achievement. For this edition, the author has supplied a new epilogue and a completely rewritten updated bibliography. 

Native Arts of North America by Christian F. Feest

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