Museum of the Fur Trade Quarterly, Volume 49:2, 2013

Museum of the Fur Trade Quarterly, Volume 49:2, 2013
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49:3           Feasts: How Much Did They Eat?; Grains: Corn as Emergency Ration; Bread, Ship's Biscuit, and Hard Tack: The Pub at For William; Fruits: Preserving Lime Juice; Sweeteners: Honey as a Trade Item; Coffee, Tea, and Chocolate: How Much Tea Can You Drink?; Spirits: Fur Trade Coctails; Meat, Fish, and Fowl: How Early are Canned Goods?; Beer and Wine: "Pretty Bottled Porter, Indeed!"; Horticulture: Vegetables, Gardens, Orchards, and seed Sharing: Superkale; Livestock, Dairy Products, and Slaves: Russian Animals for the Aleuts; Medicines: Medical Kits for the Medicine Men; Condiments and Soap: Castile; Tobacco: Cigars; Appendix: Some Fur Trade Measurement Terms: Maccaron, Brasse, Made Beaver. 

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