Museum of the Fur Trade Quarterly, Volume 26, 1990

Museum of the Fur Trade Quarterly, Volume 26, 1990
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Volume 26:  Numbers 1-4   1990                bound volume only

26:1  The Traders' Dress; Quill Flatteners; Mexican Mustang Liniment; Collection Corner-Belgian Northwest Gun; Addendum to "Early French Kettles.” 

26:2  An Early Adventure in Alaska; Perry Davis' Vegetable Pain Killer; Voices from the Past; Collection Corner-British Indian Pistol.

26:3  The Trade Blanket in New France; Southwestern Frontiersmen's Clothing; Collection Corner-Hudson's Bay Company Officer's Pistols.

26:4  John Duncan's Comments on Canada 1818-1819; Searching for (Young) Old Jim; Some Secret Preparation: More on Perry Davis' Pain Killer; Collection Corner-Southern Rifle Accessories.

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