Museum of the Fur Trade Quarterly, Volume 16, 1980

Museum of the Fur Trade Quarterly, Volume 16, 1980
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Volume 16:  Numbers 1-4   1980                bound volume only

16:1  James Bridger et al. Boat Builders: The Skin Canoes of the Great Plains and Rockies; Some Notes on Tents in the Western Fur Trade; The Ohio Indian Trade.

16:2  Our 25th Anniversary; The Portage Collar; Thomas W Burney: A Virginia Trader and Blacksmith in the Ohio Valley; Collection Corner-Fremont Prize Rifle?

16:3  Joseph Bissonette's Last Trading Post; "A Paper of Flints;" Notes on the Physical Appearance of American Point Blankets for Plains Indians in the 1860s; Collection Corner-Belgian Trade Rifle.

16:4  The Russian Palma; Trade on the Western Plains of Canada; Collection Corner-Beauvais Rifle; Fish Hooks.

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