The Museum of the Fur Trade is proud to carry works by some of the finest American Indian jewelers, potters, and painters.  A wide variety of beadwork and quillwork by Lakota, Cheyenne, and Arapahoe artists is also available.  Many are one-of-a-kind.

The Museum Shop also carries unique silver jewelry by noted artists Cippy Crazy Horse, Ernest Begay, Virgil and Shirly Benn, Zuni, Heidi BigKnife, Anita Big Crow Begay, Calvin Martinez and Kee Yazzie Jr.

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Round Coral Clip Earrings by Sally Yazzie
Round flower like clip earrings with 9 coral stones created by artist, Sally Yazzie, a Navajo Sil...
Bracelet, Turquoise, Sterling Silver Bracelet
Artist Orville Tsinnie is a silversmith who calls home Shiprock, New Mexico, where he has be...
Large Beaded Bracelet by Michael Running Shield
Large beaded bracelet by Lakota artist Michael Running Shield featuring peyote stitch. It measure...
Square Concho Clip Earrings
Large square concho clip earrings. 
Bracelet Cuff, Wide
Beaded Bracelet by Michael Running Shield
American Indian beadwork Lakota artist Michael Running Shield creates this fully beaded bracelet....
Round Zuni Clip Earrings
Medium sized round Zuni style clip earrings with turquoise stones. 
Bracelet, Center Tire Track
Cippy Crazy Horse, creator of this piece, has been creating jewelry for over thirty years. Strong...
Lightning Earrings by Tommy Jackson
Navajo jewelry maker Tommy Jackson was born in Phoenix, Arizona on January 20, 1958. A full-blood...
Inlaid Owl Clip Earrings
Inlaid owl clip earrings.
Bracelet, Dragonfly Cuff
Artist Melvin Francis has mastered many different techniques and styles of silversmithing in his ...
Multi-stone Earrings by Tonya Rafael
Tonya Rafael, was raised on the Navajo Reservation by her grandparents, who made sterling silver ...
Round Cuff Links by Terry Martinez
Round, beveled cuff links with turquoise stones created by Navajo artist Terry Martinez. ...
Bracelet, Cuff
This unique cuff created by Ray Delgarito who is a prolific Navajo Silversmith who uses fine ston...


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