The Museum of the Fur Trade is proud to carry works by some of the finest American Indian jewelers, potters, and painters.  A wide variety of beadwork and quillwork by Lakota, Cheyenne, and Arapahoe artists is also available.  Many are one-of-a-kind.

The Museum Shop also carries unique silver jewelry by noted artists Cippy Crazy Horse, Ernest Begay, Virgil and Shirly Benn, Zuni, Heidi BigKnife, Anita Big Crow Begay, Calvin Martinez and Kee Yazzie Jr.

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Bracelet, Snake Side Plate
This item is a reproduction of the Snake Side Plates which are the trademark of  Northw...
Bracelet, Turquoise with Buffalo designs
This bracelet is the work of Alex Sanchez, a Navajo silversmith who has developed into an award w...
Dangle Swirl Earrings by Tonya Rafael
Tonya Rafael is a jeweler and designer from New Mexico. Her sterling silver jewelry is accented w...
Necklace, inlaid yei
Artist: H. Smith, active since 1990, creates beatiful pieces of art consisting of silver beads, f...
Bracelet, Inlaid w/ geometric lines -- TQ off center
Cuff with 1" opening. There are numerous lines cut out of the silver to make a geometric des...
Large Sterling Silver Earrings with Coral Stone
Large sterling silver earrings with coral stone. Little less than 2 inches long and very lightwei...
Bolo, Indian profile
With his distinct, three-dimensional geometric style Navajo silversmith Bennie Ration, from ...
Fleur De Lis earrings by Jennifer Jesse Smith
These earrings are handcrafted by Jennifer Jesse Smith. They are sterling silver with Sleeping Be...
Bracelet, inlaid w/ gometric lines -- Bar
Cuff with 1.5" opening. There are numerous lnes cut out of the silver to make a geometric design....
Turquoise Dangle Earrings by Sally Yazzie
Sally Yazzi is the artist behind these long dangle earrings with 5 turquoise stones that are...
Necklace, multi-strand, Turquoise & Coral
Contemporary artist Irene Lovato, from Santo Domingo uses traditional methods to craft artwo...
Cross Pendant designed by Getrude Zachery
Gertrude Zachary was a true visionary. It was her amazing sense of grace and her style that put h...
Textured Sterling Silver Circle Earrings
Textured sterling silver circle earrings with zig zag cutout. 
Dragonfly bracelet cuff
Artist: Melvin Francis, Navajo Wide cuff bracelet measuring 2.5" diameter with an opening of ...
2 Strand Bracelet by Melanie & Michael Lente
This two strand bracelet features turquoise and coral stones with a pendant in the center. The pe...


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