The Museum of the Fur Trade is proud to carry works by some of the finest American Indian jewelers, potters, and painters.  A wide variety of beadwork and quillwork by Lakota, Cheyenne, and Arapahoe artists is also available.  Many are one-of-a-kind.

The Museum Shop also carries unique silver jewelry by noted artists Cippy Crazy Horse, Ernest Begay, Virgil and Shirly Benn, Zuni, Heidi BigKnife, Anita Big Crow Begay, Calvin Martinez and Kee Yazzie Jr.

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Triangle Turquoise Ring by Walter Vandever
Artist Walter Vandever is a prolific Navajo silversmith from a family that has a long tradition o...
"The Heart Constellation" Brooch by Heidi BigKnife
Tulsa jewelry-maker, Heidi BigKnife, Shawnee, often displays her whimsical side in the uniqu...
7 Strand Abalone Necklace by Nellie Tenorio
This beautiful necklace features handmade square and teardrop iridescent abalone beads with polis...
Rock Art Figure Brooch by Lonn Parker
With his signature blend of traditional techniques and original designs, Lonn Parker brings to li...
Spiny Reversible Oval Earrings by Gertrude Zachary
These beautiful reversible earrings are sure to match any outfit with turquoise and coral stones....
Inlaid Cuff Bracelet by Herman Smith
Cuff bracelet done in the style of Charles Loloma by Herman Smith, an innovative Navajo artist. T...
"Lizard" bracelet by Danny Romero
Danny Romero is of both Yaqui and Spanish heritage. He was one of five silversmiths invited to th...
Inlaid Butterfly Pendant
Artist Calvin Desson is a multi faceted and mostly self taught Artisan. His early ...
Satin Finish Dangle Earrings by Natasha Peshlakai
Navajo artist Natasha Peshlakai began making jewelry at the age of twelve. Her first piece, ...
Dragonfly Inlay Earrings by Melvin Francis
Navajo artist Melvin Francis is known for his beautiful inlaid designs This pair of earrings feat...
Three Strands of Pearls by Nellie Tenorio
A three-strand pearl necklace with turquoise and spiny oyster beads made by Santa Domingo artist,...
Beaded Buffalo Cuff Bracelet by Marcus Amerman
Amerman is an enrolled member of the Choctaw tribe of Oklahoma. A graduate of Whitman College in ...
"Pueblo" Storyteller Bracelet
A Hopi style storyteller bracelet with a pueblo scene.  It is sterling silver and a 14K gold...
Bracelet, Dragonfly Cuff
Artist Melvin Francis has mastered many different techniques and styles of silversmithing in his ...
Medium Coral Hoops
Medium size hoops inlaid with flat coral stones. 


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