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Shield by Tim Audiss
Tim Audiss is a self-taught Lakota artist and traditional craftsman. This shield features a handp...
Horse and Rider by Marty Cuny
This miniature horse and rider by Lakota artist Marty Cuny is wonderfully detailed down to the wr...
"Give Away II" Carved Mudhead
Artist William Lucio, Zuni/Navajo. Just back from market this Mudhead is hauling a sack full of g...
Ceramic Hanging Skunk
There's no stink about it! This little skunk is no Pepe le Pew! With a thick white stripe and dan...
Native Americans Deluxe Jigsaw Book
Discover the rich traditions and cultures of Native Americans in this stunning jigsaw book, fille...
Mini Black Bear Finger Puppet
A tiny Black Bear finger puppet wanders through forests of the imagination, prowling and growling...
Ceramic Hanging Meadowlark
Create a sense of whimsy with this tiny little bird and its big black eyes and yellow painted che...
Shoshoni Beaded Barrette
Beautifully beaded orange and red rose accented by green leaves on a light blue background. Measu...
Ceramic Hanging Bluebird
Bluebirds are a symbol of happiness and cheer. Make sure you have plenty of that this year with t...
Blue Rose Beaded Belt Buckle
Shoshoni beaded belt buckle with gorgeous blue rose on an orange background. Measures 3.5" long a...
German Small-bore Targets
These quaint small-bore shooting targets feature 6 different images. Each target is marked "Forst...
Shoshone Beaded Clutch
Perfect for just the essentials, this little clutch is a must have. Decorated with a beautiful be...
Bear Wedding Vase by Hector Ortega- Mata Ortiz
Black Mata Ortize vase with double bear heads by Hector Ortega. The vase alone is 9.5" tall and 8...
Pink Beaded Newborn Moccasins by Lisa Bagola
Mary Jane style infant moccasins beaded in a delicate pink color offset with purple triangles. Cr...
1692 French Lavendar Chocolate Mix
These chocolate granules are representative of the historic drinking chocolate at the French cour...


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