The Museum of the Fur Trade Museum Shop is the largest bookstore in the region, offering nearly  1,000 titles, including a wide selection of fur trade history, native culture and art, cooking, gardening, and exploration.

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Dakota Women's Work: Creativity, Culture and Exile
Author Colette Hyman traces the changes in the lives of Dakota women, starting before the arrival...
The Way to the Western Sea: Lewis and Clark across the Continent
Critics have called David Lavender a "master storyteller" (Library Journal), his prose "virile, d...
Lige Mounts: Free Trapper by Frank B. Linderman
In 1822 Elijah Mounts, barely eighteen, shoulders his rifle and walks from his uncle's Missouri f...
Joe Meek: The Merry Mountain Man by Stanley Vestal
Born in Virginia, Joe Meek became a trapper, Indian fighter, pioneer, peace officer, frontier pol...
The Saga of Hugh Glass: Pirate, Pawnee, and Mountain Man by John Myers Myers
Before his most fabulous adventure (celebrated by John G. Neihardt in The Song of Hugh Glass...
American Indian Horse Masks
This is a stunning colorful book in large format (12 x 15 in.) which includes 45 historic Indian ...
Exploring the Fur Trade Routes of North America: Discover the Highways that Opened a Continent
Travel through time... The story of the fur trade is the story of North America. Europeans in sea...
The Buffalo Legacy by Gordon E. Tolton
It wasn't gold that first attracted the white man to come and live among the prairie people of so...
The story of the fur trade in Teton Valley as it has never been told before. Pierre's Hole! studi...
Deerskins & Duffels: Creek Indian Trade with Anglo-America, 1685 - 1815
Deerskins and Duffels documents the trading relationship between the Creek Indians in what i...
The American Fur Trade of the Far West, Volume 2
The American Fur Trade of the Far West is the premier history of its subject. Its publicatio...
A Sweet Taste of History: More Than 100 Elegant Dessert Recipes from America's Earliest Days
A Sweet Taste of History captures the grandeur of the sweet table—the grand finale co...
Alluring Lettuces and Other Seductive Vegetables for Your Garden by Jack Staub
Seventy-five unusual and eminently beautiful vegetables are profiled in this charming book by exp...
Jim Beckwourth: Black Mountain Man and War Chief of the Crows by Elinor Wilson
Dismissed as a “gaudy liar” by most historians and often discredited by writers who deprecate...
Gifts of Pride and Love: Kiowa and Comanche Cradles
With such words, Kiowa and Comanche people express their deep connection to their traditional lat...


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