The Museum of the Fur Trade Museum Shop is the largest bookstore in the region, offering nearly  1,000 titles, including a wide selection of fur trade history, native culture and art, cooking, gardening, and exploration.

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Jim Beckwourth: Black Mountain Man and War Chief of the Crows by Elinor Wilson
Dismissed as a “gaudy liar” by most historians and often discredited by writers who deprecate...
Gifts of Pride and Love: Kiowa and Comanche Cradles
With such words, Kiowa and Comanche people express their deep connection to their traditional lat...
Windows on the Past: Historic Lodgings of New Mexico by Sandra D. Lynn
This unusual history and travel book explores a fascinating cross-section of New Mexico's histori...
The Scottish Dirk by James D. Forman
The Scottish Dirk by James D. Forman. The best way to examine a dirk is first hand but since this...
Provisions of the Fur Trade By James A. Hanson
Volume 6 in The Encyclopedia of Trade Goods published by the Museum of the Fur Trade. Provis...
First Across the Continent by Barry Gough
Seeking the Northwest Passage and the fabled like to Russia, Japan, and Cathay, Alexander Mackenz...
Buffalo Bird Girl, A Hidatsa Story by S. D. Nelson
This fascinating picture book biography tells the childhood story of Buffalo Bird Woman, a Hidats...
The Heirloom Tomato: From Garden to Table
From glorious heirloom beefsteaks - that delicious tomato you had as a kid but can't seem to find...
Native American Beadwork by William C. Orchard
A much-admired folk art, beadwork decorates items of personal adornment as well as ceremonial and...
Rocky Mountain Rendezvous by Fred R. Gowans
An all-new, redesigned, and retypeset edition of the original classic on the fur-trading rendezvo...
To Honor and Comfort: Native American Quilting
Through the voices of quilters, writers, and folklorists, this book explores the images and meani...
The Hoe & the Horse on the Plains: A Study of Cultural Development among North American Indians
"This book provides information essential to the understanding of the Plains Indians... The empha...
Bent's Fort by David Lavender
Bent's Fort was a landmark of the American Frontier, a huge private fort on the upper Arkansas Ri...
Gall: Lakota War Chief
Called the “Fighting Cock of the Sioux” by U.S. soldiers, Hunkpapa warrior Gall was a great L...
Voyages in Time: Dancing with Jacques
When the voyageurs arrive at the fort, their canoes bursting with trade goods, everyone comes out...


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