Lewis & Clark

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After Lewis and Clark: Mountain Men and the Paths to the Pacific by Robert M Utley
In 1807, a year after Lewis and Clark returned from the shores of the Pacific, groups of trappers...
William Clark and the Shaping of the West by Landon Y. Jones
Between 1803 and 1806, Meriwether Lewis and William Clark co-captained the most famous expedition...
The Men of the Lewis & Clark Expedition by Charles G. Clarke
Meriwether Lewis and William Clark did not embark on their epic trek across the continent alone-d...
The Adventures of Lewis and Clark by John Bakeless
In this exciting, action-packed young reader's edition, based on the author's acclaimed earlier s...
Prologue to Lewis & Clark: The Mackay and Evans Expedition
When Mackay and Evans returned to Spanish St. Louis in 1797, they were hailed as “the two most ...
The Way to the Western Sea: Lewis and Clark across the Continent
Critics have called David Lavender a "master storyteller" (Library Journal), his prose "virile, d...


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