Lewis & Clark

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After Lewis and Clark: Mountain Men and the Paths to the Pacific by Robert M Utley
In 1807, a year after Lewis and Clark returned from the shores of the Pacific, groups of trappers...
The Men of the Lewis & Clark Expedition by Charles G. Clarke
Meriwether Lewis and William Clark did not embark on their epic trek across the continent alone-d...
The Adventures of Lewis and Clark by John Bakeless
In this exciting, action-packed young reader's edition, based on the author's acclaimed earlier s...
Prologue to Lewis & Clark: The Mackay and Evans Expedition
When Mackay and Evans returned to Spanish St. Louis in 1797, they were hailed as “the two most ...
The Way to the Western Sea: Lewis and Clark across the Continent
Critics have called David Lavender a "master storyteller" (Library Journal), his prose "virile, d...
William Clark and the Shaping of the West by Landon Y. Jones
Between 1803 and 1806, Meriwether Lewis and William Clark co-captained the most famous expedition...


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