Competitive Struggle: America’s Western Fur Trading Posts, 1764-1865

Competitive Struggle: America’s Western Fur Trading Posts, 1764-1865
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Competitive Struggle recounts the 101-year history of America’s western fur trade. From the founding of Saint Louis in 1764 through 1865, the demand for beaver pelts and buffalo robes spawned a competitive fervor that enveloped mountain men, fur trading companies, national governments, and Native Americans alike.

R. G. Robertson traces this colorful era through the history of the individual trading posts located between the Mississippi River and the Pacific Ocean. The posts, listed alphabetically, are keyed to eight pages of detailed maps showing the location of each trading house. Posts with multiple names are keyed to a single reference.

The book includes a series of easy to read flowcharts showing the evolution of the various fur companies. Extensive end notes, an index, a glossary of terms, and a list of modern-day trading post replicas and their photographs make Competitive Struggle a must-have reference on America’s fur trade.

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