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Mountain Man Coloring Book By James A. Hanson
The Sketchbook Series: This book contains 44 painstakingly researched and accurately detailed pla...
Voyages of Discovery by David Boyle
Aided by developments in shipbuilding, mapping, and astronomy, Europeans took to the oceans betwe...
Two Little Savages by Ernest Thompson Seton
This is one of the great classics of nature and boyhood by one of America's foremost nature exper...
The American Indian Craft Book by Marz and Nano Minor
"This is a book not only for reading, but for doing," the authors write in their foreword; "try m...
The Fair Weather and Rainy Day Handy Book
From the author of The American Boy's Handy Book comes yet another classic guide to who...
Buffalo Bird Girl, A Hidatsa Story by S. D. Nelson
This fascinating picture book biography tells the childhood story of Buffalo Bird Woman, a Hidats...
My People the Sioux by Luther Standing Bear
When it was first published in 1928, Luther Standing Bear's autobiographical account of his tribe...
Voyages in Time: Dancing with Jacques
When the voyageurs arrive at the fort, their canoes bursting with trade goods, everyone comes out...
Indian Scout Craft and Lore
The life of the Indian boy - living close to nature, learning the ways of the wild animals, playi...
Ashkii's Journey by Verna Clinton
Ashkii's Journears is the story of a Navajo boy's journey into manhood in the years followin...
The Adventures of Paddy the Beaver
As this delightful story opens, something strange is going on! The waters of the Laughing Brook a...
Gift Horse: A Lakota Story by S. D. Nelson
When his father gives him a Gift Horse marking the beginning of his journey to manhood, Flying Cl...
Native Americans Deluxe Jigsaw Book
Discover the rich traditions and cultures of Native Americans in this stunning jigsaw book, fille...
The Ledgerbook of Thomas Blue Eagle
A visually stunning fictional account of a young nineteenth-century Sioux warrior's quest for kno...
More Than Moccasins: A Kid's Activity Guide to Traditional North American Indian Life
Here are more than 100 illustrated crafts and activities that encourage kids to have fun and be c...


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