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Columbia Journals, Bicentennial Edition
David Thompson (1770-1857) is considered by many to have been the most important surveyor of Nort...
Company of Adventurers by Isaac Cowie
The Company of Adventurers: A Narrative of Seven Years in the Service of the Hudson's Bay Company...
Emperor of the North by James Raffan
At its height in the nineteenth century, the Hudson's Bay Company's trading territ...
Texas Ranchman: The Memoirs of John A. Loomis
Edited by Herman J. Viola and Sarah Loomis Wilson. Born in 1859 into a wealthy New York family, L...
The Original Journal of Charles Larpenteur edited by Michael M. Casler
The son of French immigrants who settled in Maryland, Charles Larpenteur was so eager to see the ...
Jedediah Smith and the Opening of the West
In 1822, before Jedediah Smith entered the West, it was largely an unknown land, “a wilderness,...
Museum of the Fur Trade Quarterly, Volume 34:2, 1998
34:2  The Amazing Journal of David Adams. Hardback. ...
The Killing of Crazy Horse by Thomas Powers
He was the greatest Indian warrior of the nineteenth century, whose victory over General Custer a...
With My Own Eyes : A Lakota Woman Tells Her People's History
With My Own Eyes tells the history of the nineteenth-century Lakotas. Susan Bordeaux Bettelyoun (...
On the Upper Missouri: The Journal of R.F. Kurz, 1851-1852
In late 1846, Rudolph Friederich Kurz, a young and idealistic Swiss artist, came to the United St...
My Life as an Indian by James Willard Schultz
In this fascinating memoir, first published as a book in 1907, the author recalls the remarkable ...
Chardon's Journal at Fort Clark, 1834-1839
Thirty years after Meriwether Lewis and William Clark passed through the Mandan villages in prese...
Crazy Horse: A Lakota Life by Kingsley M. Bray
Written by Kingsley M. Bray, this book offers a new, richly detailed, and meticulously documented...
William Clark and the Shaping of the West by Landon Y. Jones
Between 1803 and 1806, Meriwether Lewis and William Clark co-captained the most famous expedition...
Autobiography of Davy Crockett
By Stephen Brennan. Based in part on Davy Crockett’s own writings, this is the true story ...


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