The Museum of the Fur Trade Museum Shop is the largest bookstore in the region, offering nearly  1,000 titles, including a wide selection of fur trade history, native culture and art, cooking, gardening, and exploration.

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Emperor of the North by James Raffan
At its height in the nineteenth century, the Hudson's Bay Company's trading territ...
Feminine Fur Trade Fashions by James A. Hanson and Kathryn J. Wilson
THE SKETCHBOOK SERIES:The ladies book.  Patterns for Indian dresses, both skin and cloth, in...
On the Upper Missouri: The Journal of R.F. Kurz, 1851-1852
In late 1846, Rudolph Friederich Kurz, a young and idealistic Swiss artist, came to the United St...
Little Chiefs Gatherings by James A Hanson
Little Chief's gatherings: The Smithsonian Institution's G.K. Warren 1855-1856 Plains Indian coll...
Texas Ranchman: The Memoirs of John A. Loomis
Edited by Herman J. Viola and Sarah Loomis Wilson. Born in 1859 into a wealthy New York family, L...
Fur Trade Cutlery Sketch Book by James A. Hanson
THE SKETCHBOOK SERIES: Illustrations and descriptions of early cartouche knives, scalping kn...
Chardon's Journal at Fort Clark, 1834-1839
Thirty years after Meriwether Lewis and William Clark passed through the Mandan villages in prese...
Spirits in the Art by James A. Hanson
Over 900 objects are illustrated in 264 color plates.  The collection, assembled over 50 yea...
North Dakota History Journal, V 77, # 1&2
Featured in this "Journal of the Northern Plains", Vol. 77, Nos 1 & 2 is James Kipp, Fur Trad...
Frontier Scout & Buffalo Hunter Sketchbook by James A. Hanson
SKETCHBOOK SERIES:  Profusely illustrated with pen and ink drawings made from actual sp...
Fort Clark and Its Indian Neighbors: A Trading Post on the Upper Missouri
A thriving fur trade post between 1830 and 1860, Fort Clark, in what is today western North Dakot...
Plains Indian Art: The Pioneering Work of John C. Ewers
For almost three-quarters of a century, the study of Plains Indian art has been shaped by the...
The Original Journal of Charles Larpenteur edited by Michael M. Casler
The son of French immigrants who settled in Maryland, Charles Larpenteur was so eager to see the ...
Longhunter's Sketchbook by James A. Hanson
The Sketchbook Series: Hunting shirts, breeches, leggings, hunting pouches, tomahawks, firea...
After Lewis and Clark: Mountain Men and the Paths to the Pacific by Robert M Utley
In 1807, a year after Lewis and Clark returned from the shores of the Pacific, groups of trappers...


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