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Inlaid Butterfly Pendant
Artist Calvin Desson is a multi faceted and mostly self taught Artisan. His early ...
Triangle Turquoise Ring by Walter Vandever
Artist Walter Vandever is a prolific Navajo silversmith from a family that has a long tradition o...
"The Heart Constellation" Brooch by Heidi BigKnife
Tulsa jewelry-maker, Heidi BigKnife, Shawnee, often displays her whimsical side in the uniqu...
Inlaid Cuff Bracelet by Herman Smith
Cuff bracelet done in the style of Charles Loloma by Herman Smith, an innovative Navajo artist. T...
1000 Garden Ideas
By Stafford Cliff. 1000 Garden Ideas is a visual encyclopedia bursting with just about ...
Alluring Lettuces and Other Seductive Vegetables for Your Garden by Jack Staub
Seventy-five unusual and eminently beautiful vegetables are profiled in this charming book by exp...
The Fetish Carvers of Zuni by Marian Rodee and James Ostler
Zuni pueblo in western New Mexico is renowned for its small carved stone animal figurines, or fet...
Parklands of the Midwest: Celebrating the Natural Wonders of America's Heartland
Dust off those walking shoes, grab your road atlas, and sling a camera around your neck as you jo...
Zuni Fetishes by Frank Hamilton Cushing
Fetishes are carvings believed to have a spirit within, which can help the owner if used properly...
1692 French Lavendar Chocolate Mix
These chocolate granules are representative of the historic drinking chocolate at the French cour...
Modern Mexican Chocolate Mix
Mexican drinking chocolate has evolved over the centuries. The colonial Spaniards introduced many...
Native Arts of North America by Christian F. Feest
The craftsman of the native North American peoples is now regarded as art of a high order, yet no...


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